Window Shades for Condos

Chances are if you live in a condo, you probably live in an area with a nice view, where it is constantly sunny, or both. Well, there is a perfect type of window covering available for this application. They are called solar window shades.

The name stems from the fact that their main purpose is to let you enjoy the sunlight without allowing too much to pass through the fabric. There are different percentages that indicate how much light will be allowed through and you are able to purchase them as you please in different colors.

Keeping your view is great because condos tend to overlook cities and other nice areas. It feels great being able to enjoy the beautiful view from your condo without having to roll up all of your shades. As far as colors go, you can see some at . The most popular colors are white, and white-beige. You can order free samples and decide.

Speaking of samples, you can order up to ten and not worry about having to pay for anything. This is great because it will let you compare the samples directly with your current decor. The best colors can be decided on when you have them in person to get a good comparison. 

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